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 Why Business Prepaid Cards?

Business Prepaid Cards are the new “must have” small business tool.  SMB’s are discovering prepaid business cards are the best employee expense card solution for controlling cash flow disbursements, eliminating waste and employee theft. Also known as business prepaid debit cards, these purchase cards (P-cards) offer unmatched, real-time control and visibility over employe spending. Set periodic spending amount limits, category limits and receive instant alerts.  Turn cards on/off as needed.  Business prepaid cards are the best tool for the job of managing employee spending.

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Turning cards on/off is great. Real-time alerts keep me informed - I think you guys should really highlight that, I love it!

- Movie Producer

I love being able to control cards from my smartphone.

Owner, Pest Control

I give each of my drivers a business prepaid card with spending limits. Now they can't spend more than I authorize. This has been a game-changer. I would never operate without a solution like this again!

Fleet Manager

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